The Eternal Spring

In Central America we are fortunate to be very similar in a variety of positive aspects, such as the hospitality and kindness of the people. Also, the amount of resources available to us as a region is incredible; take for instance the inspiring creativity that is always consistently manifesting.

Guatemala is no exception (do not know where Guatemala is located? view in google maps) with a population of more than 13 million people, 40% youth and 60% indigenous; there is so much wealth and diversity to discover.

In the picture above, you can see the result of the idea that meant to capture in a relief map the Guatemalan territorial extension. This idea began in 1888 thanks to the intellectual engineer Francisco Vela. The completed work was inaugurated by the president of that time, Lic. Manuel Estrada Cabrera who placed the last stone in the relief map on october 29, 1905.

The map is located in the Hipódromo del Norte (the racetrack on north side of the city), on the northern edge, in what is currently zona 2 of Guatemala City and the value of the admission is only Q.25.00 for international visitors, that’s less than five Dollars, $3.50 to be exact and Q.5.00 for national citizens.

We want to share with you the enthusiasm, the spark that we feel when we share our colors, sounds and stories; the things that makes us feel alive… well, initially these feelings are shared by nearly 15 collaborators who have embarked in this great adventure.

Welcome to GuatemalaDailyPhoto!

Today is theme day for members of City Daily Photoblogs and this month the theme is Edges. Click here to view thumbnails for all participants.

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  • Guatkids

    I knew exactly what and where this is the moment I saw it. My wife and I visited it when we adopted our little girl. It is well worth the money to check it out. Very impressive indeed!

    • It is impressive indeed, I’m glad you enjoyed the visit when you had the chance. All around the racetrack is very interesting to share. And you’re the first person to comment on GuatemalaDailyPhoto, so thanks for that 🙂

      • Guatkids

        We loved all the vendors and buses there. I wished something was going on at the racetrack, but sadly there was not. We hope to return in the future with our 3 adopted children and let them see first hand how beautiful their home country is!

  • Hola Rudy, felicitaciones por el nuevo proyecto, ¡adelante!

    • @Pepe, gracias por las palabras de apoyo. @hCante será quién dirija GuatemalaDP principalmente, pero aquí estaremos para dar todo el apoyo necesario. Agradezco tu correo. Saludos

  • Congratulations Hugo for the successful launch. We will be watching all the upcoming posts. 😉



  • I love maps and this is a masterpiece. Since this is all Guatemala , will be cool to geoTag the post, so we can see a map of where what is mention in the post. What you think ?

    Congratulations 🙂

    • @neavilag, okay I will teach @hCante how to geotag the posts and include a map so you can see where the photos were taken. Give us a little time to fine tune this website.

      For instance, we’re still missing the weather stations in Guatemala on our sidebar. 😉

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  • Kwallekno

    I like maps as well. There is a very fine physical map at the entrance of the ruin Mixco Viejo. Done in concrete, about ten meters on a side, it shows the ruin in detail as well as the grand setting the ruin overlooks.
    Mixco Viejo is an easy day trip out of Antigua by car. Much of the ruin has been glued back together but they have left enough in the weathered condition to reveal what it looked like when the ruin was pristine. A bucket list site if there ever was one.

    • Certainly, Mixco Viejo is another great place to visit equally accessible and thanks for bringing it up.

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