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Rolling down the hill

Sunday, April 3rd, 2011

These kids were great; they were rolling down the hill and having so much fun. To be honest, I can not think of a better way to spend a weekend, right?

El Cerrito del Carmen is a great place, offers a great panoramic views of the Guatemala City as you see in the picture at the bottom.

Currently El Cerrito is officially a National Cultural Patrimony, from here began the transfer from El Valle de Panchoy to El Valle de la Ermita, which today is the 1st Street and 12 Avenue, Zona 1.

Of course the Chapel is a must do stop, you knew that the Ermita is the very first chuch that was build in the Guatemala City? and does not have a classification? that is, there is no style in which you can categorize, has many Baroque elements, typical of the time but it is still unusual.

Recently maintenance has been given to the place and there are constantly culturalles activities mostly during the weekends in the day time, of course. Before was not the best place to visit but today is very pleasant to walk and is very safe. Public transportation is currently being improved incredibly in Zona 1, that includes El Cerrito del Carmen, although if you do not know the area I would recommend take a taxi, not at all expensive if you want to move to the central areas of the Guatemala City.

Bring comfortable shoes, water and light clothing. You have to be prepared to walk a lot and why not? roll down the hill ūüėČ