A tree be with you

No matter if the idea is new or exists elsewhere, can you imagine how amazing it is that your name remains together by a tree? A tree that is planted to commemorate your work and a group of people who have been dedicated to represent Guatemala as best they can do with music, with marimba.

The name for the place is Bosque Sonoro in all the green area you can find 100 Hormigo trees dedicated to the Guatemalan marimba musicians. The sound forest is located in Zona 2 of Guatemala City, near the relief map.

As a curious fact must say that is a bit sad that the place is kept with the ban on charging for entry because it is very nice and gives the impression that the community does not take advantage as a recreational place, as it is very pleasant.

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  • @Hugo, I don’t think I ever in the Sound Forest. I will put it on my to-do list. Thanks for sharing.

    • I think you’ve been there, in fact is very close the relief map … a few steps away. You may be ignored the sign that indicates, but is all the green area around the map.