Skating at the avenue Simeón Cañas

On Avenida Simeón Cañas in zona 2 of the Guatemala City what will surely will call your attention is the radical change in architecture, there are no colonial elements found in zona 1.

At the beginning of last century for political reasons and convenience for the government of Manuel Estrada Cabrera the president of that time, decided to use this avenue for cultural and recreational events and so the area became popular at that time, the buildings were ostentatious and the area became an exclusive place.

Over 700 meters long is a pleasant place for walking and sporting activities in the surroundings. This day you could find this group of girls skating, the sport practiced demanded much effort because the ground was not at all friendly I think. It was really refreshing find a sports activity so different in the city.

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  • @Hugo, thanks for sharing the history of Avenida Simeón Cañas which I didn’t know. I really like all the images coming out of the *malquerida* Guatemala City. So, perhaps it is a pretty city with lots of beautiful places and tourist have not given it a chance or the Inguat has done a poor job promoting it.

    • Thanks Rudy, there are many interesting political and social aspects of zona 2, I hope to publish more in the future.

      And that’s for sure, there are many more things to do in the city, not only is the zona 10 and shopping malls.

      The promotion of an organization is certainly important, equally important is that people live all those extra things that the city provides, and then sell it… in that process comes the culture and education I think.

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