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Desfile Bufo

Friday, April 15th, 2011

If by any chance you are also following XelaDailyPhoto this is a follow up to the post published a few days ago regarding some of the actions that encapuchados (university students using masks to hide their identity) performed to public establishments that did not make a donation (payment really) which is used the elaboration and logistics of the El Desfile Bufo (buffo or farcical parade). El Desfile Bufo is in fact a kind of march or parade that for many decades students attending the national public university of Guatemala better known as USAC (University of San Carlos) have used as a vehicle to make complaints and demands for greater social justice and to make attention calls regarding the unsatisfactory political atmosphere.

In Guatemala City this parade is no different. The irony displayed during the march-parade contradicts reality they seek to represent; something that only the most critical observer will notice, of course. Aftermath of the Desfile Bufo is streets that resemble a trash dump, as you can see in the photo below. Incidentally, one of the demands expressed by the students in the Huelga de Dolores parade is the need for more hospitals instead of exclusive streets for the burgueses (oligarchy and upper class of the country), a direct reference to the improvements and restorations that are being carried out in many areas of the Guatemala City, some of which you can see in previous articles in GuatemalaDailyPhoto.

Oh, can you see the irony?

Please, share with us about any college social movements that occur in the place where you live.