The last speech

The President of Guatemala in 1954, Jacobo Arbenz, gave his last speech after being overthrown with the support of the United States government. After finishing his speech Arbenz said that he was leaving for the border after renouncing the presidency.

What Arbenz meant was to he would take refuge in the Mexican Embassy, which at that time it was located just across the street from the National Palace in zona 1, the building you see in the photograph.

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  • There’s a lot of history in zone one… I don’t remember this building. What are the cross streets.

    • 6th Avenue and 6th Street if I remember correctly.

  • I forgot to ask, do capitalinos celebrate Semana Santa? I ask since I have not seen any references to the Holy Week, processions, cucuruchos, processional carpets, etc. like we have in Antigua Guatemala during the Holy Week.

    • They do, but I was having problems with the tradition and its people. Back on track 🙂

    • scott

      Hi Rudy,

      Betty and I spent Semana Santa in the capital in 2009. We stayed at the Panamerican on 6a avenida and 9a calle, so we had amazing views from our balcony of the processions. Now that La Sexta has been totally renovated I don’t know if they will come down that avenue anymore.

      Semana Santa is a big deal in the capital. Alfombras everywhere, esp. in front of the Palacio Nacional.

      It was a great week. Now we have to experience it in La Antigua!


      • @Scott, you and Betty must make plans to be next year in La Antigua Guatemala for Semana Santa. Forget Guatemala City, they don’t know anything about how to make a world-famous Holy Week event. 😉