Art for the People

Must say that we are fortunate in the Guatemala City. You can find all kinds of events, a talented musician playing the harp and the next day a photo exhibition open to the public in the middle of central park.

Art should be that way, reach everyone without exception… don’t you think?

© 2011, Hugo Muralles. All rights reserved.

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  • The sense of awareness and ownership in our country is essential for develpment, art creates that sense. Pride for the things we do right is as good an important as singing the national anthem, congrats for your page, I really love it as Xela and Antigua ones.

    • I appreciate the comment and am glad you enjoy the daily photos of Guatemala

  • Good to see a male harpist – almost all the harpists in the UK seem to be female.

    • Thanks for the info, it’s interesting what you described. The boy was in the central park of the city for at least half an hour playing, many people were listening to his interpretation.