Taking the pulse of society: Development of Guatemalan Children

In Guatemala and other Latin American countries should notice the environment in which children develop and grow.

These realities are present in our country, very close to us. The child in the country (in almost all departments) is impacted by a avalanche of colors from which it grows. Can you imagine all the potential and visual stimulation they receive?

In the Guatemala City does not happen that way, already given birth in a hospital (do not get me wrong, modernization is amazing and great but there are aspects that we lost on the way) something that is modern and there is no much color, children are born and grow in an environment almost gray with little stimulation or at least not the same as the child in departamentos.

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  • I certainly appreciate the colors of Guatemala, and the comadronas who are without a doubt talented in the art of delivering babies in a way many medical doctors are not. However, if we’re talking about the environment in which a baby develops and grows up, I would be more concerned about the lack of nutrition that the babies in the departamentos get. 80% of Guatemalan children are stunted, and that is a tangible issue that needs to be addressed. Not to mention the rampant illiteracy, and also the hard fact that the average Guatemalan only has 4.5 years of schooling. If only some of those public policies from the capital could make their way to the departamentos…

    • Always gets my attention how the part that still belongs to the population and still depends on us, is being lost. A study was developed by one of universities in the country on the subject and it is interesting how can be a determinant factor in development of children.

      The whole spectrum of issues in the country is huge and there are more serious problems that the initially mentioned. I’m glad we can complement the initial entry with specific information and think about priorities, that of course are a need.

      Thanks for the comment.