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Palabras huecas y palabras preñadas

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

The title could be translated in the following way: Empty words and pregnant words. In the renewed and restored Sexta Avenida in zona 1 you can still find people checking the trash for food, and if you remember well, a few weeks ago was one of the messages (a bit distorted by classism) that gave the university students in the Huelga de Dolores.

In words of José Milla y Vidaurre Guatemalan writer of the nineteenth century: “Así como suele decirse que hay palabras duras y palabras blandas; palabras dulces y palabras agrias; palabras huecas y palabras preñadas; […]”

“It is commonly said that there are harsh words and soft words, sweet words and bitter words, empty words and pregnant words, […]”

The reality is there, available to everyone, people are buying empty words, words are pregnant with that dose of reality.

Incidentally, the article in which José Milla speaks of these words is called: Un amigo… A friend.