Waiting for the bus

This is a presidential election year in Guatemala, it is inevitable to recall that the answer to the problems of our countries is not in politicians or elected officials. The change and the real power is in the hands of the technical students in vocational careers; people who can really make things happen.

So you will understand the special thrill to see people preparing and investing in their education, the chef in the picture was waiting for the bus in zona 1 at noon.

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  • Cristina

    I wonder if she was headed for Intecap. It’s amazing how many people are trained there every month. There should be more training at the technical level since that’s where most jobs are. It’s no good to have a bunch of college graduates who are under of unemployed.

    • It is quite possible, although in zona 1 there are many places where everybody can receive cuisine courses.

      In the Guatemala City we have the Técnico Vocacional in zona 13 and I have understood that there is another technical institute in Mazatenango.