Noche y Día

Another night in the City, in terms of public transportation I would recommend as the best way to move from one area to another during the day time: el Transmetro, which already circulates through many main streets of Guatemala City and you will find police officers at every Transmetro bus stop or station always willing to help with schedules, addresses, etc.

For night time, taxis are the best option to move around Guatemala City; I would recommend using yellow cabs but if you’re in a hurry and you need to get somewhere quickly at a reasonable price you can always use the white taxis.

We have been very musical in the Guatemala Daily Photo community this past week in case you haven’t noticed, enjoy and have a great week!

© 2011 – 2012, Hugo Muralles. All rights reserved.

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  • @hcante:twitter I really like this song, where’s the trio from?

    The photo and the song are a great match, both full of textures and feelings.

    • Es Ximena Sariñana, Omar Rodriguez (The Mars Volta) y Aaron Bravo (muchos grupos, jazz etc.) Me alegro que el match salte a la vista, gracias! (el disco: La
      ciencia de los inútiles

      • ¿Ese tal @dic7 sí sabe algo de música vaaa?

  • soyesperanza

    Evocaste, provocaste sensaciones y emociones. Gracias por este cortometraje.

    •  Gracias por el comentario Esperanza, me alegra mucho poder transmitir esas emociones y recibir la confirmación me alegra mucho más.  Saludos.