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Friday in the rain

Friday, May 20th, 2011

This is not an mistake. It is Quetzaltenango and for a few days we will be sharing photographs and accompanying Xela Daily Photo in their publications on this fantastic place.

Today was a rainy afternoon in Xela, the atmosphere seems more clear and calm after the rain, perfect for walking.

Petén, back on black and white

Friday, May 20th, 2011

Petén has been getting a lot of coverage lately due to of course what happened. There have been comments that almost seem as if all Peteneros should leave Petén for good. You do realize that people live in this huge Department. It is definitely not a small Department and it holds some of the most important protected areas of the country, plus very important Maya archaeological sites. The tourism industry is quite big, and it is one of Petén’s most important ways of commerce.

Anyway, life has moved on even with the overwhelming feelings of what happened a few days ago. It is hard to believe that some businesses closed their activities due to violence. One example is Francis Ford Coppola’s La Lancha. Actually, ironically, there are parts of Capital Cities that are incredibly dangerous, more so if you are involved in any kind of illegal-drug-related activity, which as you know it involves blood, it involves death even in the most indirect of ways. So, just like “blood-diamonds”, it is simply “blood-drugs”.

So, unless you are involved in any illegal drug activity there is nothing to worry about in Petén. Else, there is a possibility you’ll get caught. Keep in mind, illegal drugs imply death even in the most indirect of ways.

In the mean time, the hdr image was composed by 18 long exposure night shots with the moon lighting the top of the thatch roof of the dining room of the Ni’tun Private Reserve. Imagine, life does go on.