A matter of taste

Photography, like any other visual related discipline or art, however you wish to call it, or a simple way of expressing something, capturing a moment, etc. is always a matter of taste. Nonetheless, assuming you remember the other post regarding an HDR image, well, here is one of the eighteen photographs that was part of such result, but in this case you have the two options presented. One in color and the other in black and white.

Out of the three versions on the dining room being lit by the moon with the stars dancing above it, do you happen to have a favorite? It is a fair answer if you don’t like any, because in the end it’s a matter of taste, like Petén, one of those places you either love or simply don’t, some probably hate it… Have you visited Petén to find out? If not, what are you waiting for?

© 2011, Arturo Godoy. All rights reserved.

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  •  @arturogodoy a mí gusta en color.

    • Y, a mí me gusta más en blanco y negro 😀