On the other side of the screen

You know, we have some internal guidelines on the Daily Photo community in Guatemala, but the rules are made ​​to be broken, right?

There is something magical about sharing a daily photo, there is a story involved, genuine interest, and let me tell you, if you find it, you should not let it go so easily.

That reality does not escape what is happening in our daily photo community. You can see that spark and is now clearer than ever. Rudy and Luna in each of its cities are working every day to make that passion a reality, now I have witnessed that. And I’m sure the previous argument does not escape the other contributors.

Life is a journey, enjoy while you’re at it 😉

Do not forget to visit Xela and Antigua Daily Photo.


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  •  @moonkat13:disqus , nice to meet you finally. Luna, good luck with XelaDailyPhoto.  @hcante:twitter thanks for the trip to Xela and for sharing your images with us in GuatemalaDailyPhoto.

    • Gracias a vos Rudy ¿has escuchado de las meta canciones?  Bueno, esto fue como un meta post jaja.  Saludos.

  • Hmm, I shall also post some photos of Rudy, the crazy guy that started out all of this photomadness which is taking this country to new times 😀 Cheers!!!

    • Te digo, mi teoría del sueño está cobrando fuerza xD

  • Anonymous

    Thank you all for the warm welcome!!  I am happy to be part of the team!! And great to meet you Hugo!!