Sing and sale in Sexta Avenida

The recording of a TV commercial took place at Sexta Avenida and certainly the idea is to keep selling the avenue to the people, the commercial was apparently for the Muni, short for Municipalidad, that is the local government administration.

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  • Cristina

    I´m not for or against the actual mayor of GC, but they sure made a great commercial.  Having the Children´s Orchestra perform, and the close up of a little girl playing the marimba with tongue – out concentration is quite memorable!

    • Hola Cristina

      Tampoco tengo algo contra la administración y lo que han hecho, al contrario.  Ha sido desconsiderado de mi parte no subir el video que grabé, ahora mismo me quedo viendo eso 🙂

    • ¡Listo!  Gracias por comentar Cristina 🙂