It is common in Guatemala at the end of the day of study or recess start a football game, also known as chamusca and believe me, these are made anywhere. A callejón or any other place that allows it.

oh! nostalgia.

Es común en Guatemala al final del día de estudio o en el recreo jugar fúbol, actividad que también se conoce como chamusca y se juega en el lugar que sea. Un callejón o cualquier lugar que lo permita.

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  • Chamusca is the Guatemalan-Spanish word for an informal football match. All you need is a few friends, a dirt field and a fútbol ball to build life-long relationships.Less is more is one of my rules in graphic design and it looks like it holds true for life too…http://antiguadailyphoto.com/2008/07/28/guatemalan-chamusca-and-life-long-relationships/

  • @Hugo, you should try to link and take advantage of all the material already available at AntiguaDailyPhoto. Here’s another post about chamuscas in ADP:

    “No helmets, no amber alerts, no Wiis, just a plastic ball or if lucky a real soccer ball…” Last night, in my way back home, I stopped, for a few moments, to take a few shots of football game at the local school basketball court.


    • Gracias por los links a los posts relacionados en ADP.  Aquí todavía están jugando con el uniforme del instituto!  Una chamusca en su estado más puro.