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Paso a Desnivel: Jorge Ubico

Friday, July 8th, 2011

If you remember well a few weeks ago we talk about this paso a desnivel (over pass) and the controversy generated by the name that it was given: Jorge Ubico.

Jorge Ubico was elected as president of Guatemala on February 14, 1931.  Once in the presidency, he assumed dictatorial powers;  Ubico removed the autonomy of the national university, imposed press censorship; his methods were always authoritarian.  There were also extrajudicial executions.

Also, during his period of government the greatest number and variety of public works were built, important until today and eventually solved many problems.

You’ll find all sorts of opinions, some people argued that Guatemala has more serious problems to worry about, these things have no real importance and some argue the lack of historical memory of the current authorities, but there you go, that is the current name: Presidente Jorge Ubico, located in Boulevard Liberación in Guatemala City.