Politicians All Over The Place

Government officials currently working in the local administration invest economic resources to promote his reelection. All this is contradictory and annoying. How does it work in your country? Can they actually do such things?

Funcionarios que actualmente trabajan en la administración pública invierten recursos económicos para promover su reelección. Contradictorio y molesto para los más observadores. ¿Cómo funciona en tu país?

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  • sjbj

    Here (CT, US) you have to pay to advertise on the buses. If you pay, you can put whatever you want (as long as not indecent)

    • Thanks for your comment, is annoying because they already have a chance in the current administration and it seems they are not taking advantage and making the work they supose to get done. So this year are the elections in our country advertising is everywhere!