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The Myrna Mack Case

Sunday, September 11th, 2011

Spark of light in the boundless darkness
Witness of hunger, extreme poverty, malnutrition
Voice of dignity against impunity and injustice
Teacher and conscious citizen
Struggle and hope

We aim to be consequent with the seed that she bequeathed us.

Is the text that can be read on the plaque in honor of Myrna Mack Chang born in Retalhuleu, Guatemala in 1949,  she was an anthropologist by the University of Manchester, England, with a masters at the University of Durham in the same country, stabbed 27 times on September 11, 1990 by a death squad of the Armed Forces of Guatemala created by the School of the Americas, an organization for military training in the United States Army.

She was dedicated to conduct the work in several rural communities uprooted by the Civil War and had contact with the reality that was unknown to many Guatemalans at that time.  Myrna Mack’s murder was the result of a covert military operation conducted by the Presidential and consented by several institutions.

The clarification of murder has been an effort from Helen Mack and lasted many years,  three officers were tried, but only one was convicted and is a fugitive from justice.