Armed Officers Everywhere

A few days ago we talked about the messages that seek to confront ourselves as a society, conscious or not we live every day with another series of images that we seem to consent: the armed police on every corner.   Private security companies hire young people, they come from other parts of the country, do not have higher education and immediately provide a firearm to protect a business.

What do you think about armed police? How does it work in the city where you live?

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  • Eric

    Here in my neck of the woods, private armed security requires a very expensive permit, so they are rare.  Armed police are present, but usually are stationed in their cars or other vehicles.  I think “rule of law” keeps things rather safe here, although I would argue it is more fear of punishment under the law, rather than respect for the process.  We seem to do pretty well with due process.  Justice usually takes the long road, but every now and then, she finds a short cut.

    • Thanks for the comment, Eric.To this we must add that most people with a gun in the streets of the city are unlikely to have higher education and experience. Which adds another level of uncertainty.  People feel safe with armed police.