Neighbors Organized Against Crime

In Guatemala, for several years, residents of many colonies have been organized to take care for the population’s security  due to the limited effectiveness and the absence of police.

The most recent case has come to Panajachel, one of the most important tourist attractions in Guatemala, has had unintended consequences, abuse of power in the communities by the neighbors.

There are also sectors reporting positive results and Luna told us about one of them. In Quetzaltenango is common to find these signs to warn local and foreign that security is at their own.

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  • El Canche

    Me pregunto si se ha vuelto Guatemala Weekly Photo de un salto? Siempre visito la Antigua Daily Photo y desde que salio el blog de la capital, tambien sigo con interes lo que pasa.

    Quiero motivarlos; aunque no escribamos a cada rato, estoy seguro que muchos dependemos de sus vistazos, su imaginacion, su optica para obtener nuestra pequena inyeccion diaria de cultura guatemalteca; necesaria para alegrar nuestros corazones. 

  • Cristina

    Unless the “security committee” in Panajachel backs down, there will be negative consequences.  How many foreigners will want to go to a town where they might get beaten up for being drunk?  As if that were the only place where we had drunks in Guatemala!  If someone is disturbing the peace, by all means, have him/her spend the night in the local jail, but don´t mess with people´s dignity and integrity.