If You Drink, Don’t Drive

It would be interesting to know the effectiveness of this type of alerts that are increasingly popular, at least in Guatemala City, as indicated by the digital sign in some of the blocks in zona 9: if you drink, do not drive.

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  • Kat

    wouldn’t it make more sense to say: si maneja, no beba???? I would think that watching this sign, you are already driving… 🙂 for me it makes more sense to put the accent on the driving part then the drinking part… but I guess it’s a start 🙂

    • Hi Kat, it is certainly a good start, thank you for your observation 🙂

      • Anonymous

        These signs are very common in parts of Canada and the U.S. too and I believe the thought process is just more of a reminder.  People find themselves drinking too much, MUCH more easily than they find themselves “accidentally” driving.  Driving would seem to be more of a conscious act than drinking.  Hence the education of surrendering your keys BEFORE drinking…the signs aren’t intended to stop someone at that moment from driving…but to begin to educate on the general philosophy of not drinking and driving at the same time.

        It’s like saying “We know you are going to drink…so concentrate on the NOT driving part”.  Agree or disagree with the theory, but the phrasing is actually used in many parts of the world, exactly as it is above 🙂

  • Erick!

    As long as people get the point, I think that’s the important part.  Whether they agree to abide by that, that’s a different story. =)