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Sweetness of the Earth Packed in a Bag

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Cut up fruit is a popular on the go snack often chosen by students going out of school, workers taking their morning break or simply by people running errands around crowded places. You can see these fruit stands in a lot of busy streets, especially near markets, bus stations, schools, buildings, etc.

Vendors are usually accompanied by their young children, who play around the stand or are carried on the back of their mothers held with a blanket, as you can see the baby in this picture. Some of the delicious fruits you can find in these stands are oranges, mangoes, tangerines, papayas, watermelons, melons, pineapples, and my personal favorite ones: mangoes.

You can add a great kick by adding special condiments like “pepita”, salt, lime juice and chile to some of them, like oranges and mangoes (at no additional extra cost! =0). No matter what corner of the country you visit, you will always find a stand with the pure sweetness of the Earth packed in a bag.

Text by: Astrid Fortuny