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Guatemalan Malls Keep Popping Up

Monday, February 6th, 2012

Guatemalan Malls Keep Popping Up by Rudy Girón

On Sunday there was article published on the New York Times entitled How About Gardening or Golfing at the Mall? which basically covered the rise and fall of the shopping mall all across the United States.

Here are some interesting trivia from the article:

  • A new enclosed mall has not opened in the United States since 2006…
  • The vacancy rate at shopping centers and strip malls was 11 percent in the last quarter of 2011, the highest level since 1991…
  • Schools, medical clinics, call centers, government offices and even churches are now standard tenants in malls…

It seems that current mall decline affecting the U.S. has not affected Guatemala City where mols, malls, are popping everywhere. However, malls in Guatemala have always been more diverse, where there are clinics, schools, call centers, banks, beyond the typical retail venues. Nowadays, centro comerciales are also full of children play areas, in many case providing artificial and safe parks.