Why is Monterrico Special?

Volcanic Sand at Monterrico by Rudy Girón

I have never understood why so many tourist and travelers love experience the Monterrico beach; I mean there over a dozen beaches just like it in the Guatemalan Pacific coast, Sipacate and Las Lisas come to mind right away. Heck, Monterrico was suggested, not too long ago, as one of the best destinations in Latin America. So, why Monterrico, can you help understand why?

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  • Cristina

    De plano por la liberación de tortugas, una experiencia que todos deberíamos de tener!

    • Tienes razón Cristina, es una experiencia que todos deberíamos tener.

  • Begonia

    I haven’t visted Sipacate and Las Lisas, so I can’t compare.  But I know that one of the charming things about Monterrico is that you can’t get there by road alone; you have to take a ferry through a mangrove swamp.  It adds to the feeling that you are really “getting off the beaten path”, even though it’s a popular tourist destination.

    • Sipacate it’s like Monterrico, you have to take a boat to get to the beach and the mangrove swamps and channels are there as well. Sipacate is different than Monterrico because it’s more exclusive since there are only a couple of hotels and the public beach is surrounded by 8kms of beach belonging to natural park, which means it feels pristine, one can walk for a long while over unpopulated beaches.

  • Kwallelno

    There is only one Johnny’s Place. It only takes one good draw to put a place on the list.