Panoramic Vista of Volcanoes Atitlán and Tolimán Volcanoes around Lake Atitlán


A Journey with the majestic views of Lake Atitlán!

Atitlán and Tolimán are the largest volcanoes of the department of Sololá; they are part of the chain of seven volcanic peaks around Lago de Atitlán, Lake Atitlán. With 3537 meters and 3158 m respectively, makes Atitlán volcano the largest in the region, and one of the largest in Guatemala, yet there are two of youngest peaks of the volcanic chain of Sololá.

The origins of these volcanoes is the result of the collapse of old volcanoes, like San Pedro volcano and other small peak that produce the major volcanic events in America and that resulted in the huge crater that actually is filled and we know now as the Lake Atitlán.

The volcanoes Atitlán and Tolimán were formed centuries after this majestic lake was formed. The original lake had a different shape; it was round, but volcanoes Atitlan and Toliman emerged from the bottom of the lake and reached up to the their actual size, resulting in the current appearance of Lago de Atitlán today and its majestic views.

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  • Guatkids

    Wow! What beautiful photographs! I have seen Lake Atitlan and it is one of the most lovely spots on earth!

    • Miguel Avila

      Thanks! I’m in love since I am a child of this lake, and I have a special respect for its beauty and even dangerous, it is amasing.

      • Guatkids

        Miguel, when you say dangerous, do you mean danger from the volcanos or from thieves? Years ago, I heard many reports about thieves in the area. Is that still the case? 

        • Miguel Avila

          Whel not exactly thieves, but is very important have adequate precautions for this.

          I refer couse Atitlan is a wild place, Atitlan volcano is live, at any moment start eruptions. The atitlan lake is very dangerous, when i was 14th years I almost drowned in the lake by the famous winds named “Xocomil”.

  • Latamschools

    Gorgeous pictures!  Nada como Guatemala realmente.

    • Miguel Avila

       Sin duda, es maravillosa Guatemala, es un corazon del planeta.

  • Excellent work Miguel, thanks for sharing these magnificent and beautiful images with us. 

    • Miguel Avila

       Thanks Rudy, for the opportunity to share it.

  • NYChapin

    just amazing !!
    On the last shot you can see my pueblito ( San Lucas Toliman) just to the right of the volcano. In 1978 I spent a full year there living with my abuelitos. One of my favorite memories is sitting in the dining room with my abuelo, sipping our coffee and watching the neblina come down from the volcanoes.

    • Miguel Avila

      Yes, San Lucas is a nice town, I´m happy i can swim in its beachs, have a cold and fresh water.