Adobe Houses in the Highlands

Adobe Houses in the Highlands by Rudy Girón

I still believe that the colors of adobe and brick are so much nicer than modern day gray concrete blocks. Many people argue that Guatemala’s rural landscapes were so much nicer to look at before 1976. Do you know why?

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  • sjbj

    1976 was a major earthquake. guessing that people were more interested in building with concrete after that??

  • Cristina

    A big part of the way houses look is that they don´t get painted.  Take Santa María Cauqué.  It looks awful with all the gray walls.  Adobe on the other hand, blends into nature, but is probably harder to take care of: more pests, more dust, not as sturdy.  Plus, I think that the architecture used in most of the new houses is not what many of us consider pleasing, even when they do get painted (or covered with tile, like mausoleums).