Recycling is fun

As you can see in Antiguadailyphoto recycling is happening in Guatemala. What do you think this kid is gonna do with the cans? He looks quite happy!

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  • Cristina

    I know of a group of ladies that makes belts and handbags crocheting the part that opens the cans.  The cans themselves are usually sold of by weight. 
    Definitely, this kid knows he´ll get some money for those cans!

  • Hello Cristina, I appreciate the comment. I wanna buy those handbags and belts! 🙂

    • Cristina

      If you go to Tecpán, check out Ixoqib´ .  They have some great snacks, wonderful gourmet jams, and these handbags and belts.  AND you´ll be helping the women of this area.

      • Thanks Cristina for all your valuable tips and information. We really appreciate it.