Ciudad Vieja Church

Ciudad Vieja Church or Inmaculada Concepción Church was built right after the  Old Guatemala City moved to Ermita Village in 1777 and it was inaugurated on April 5, 1792!! After reading Ken Follet’s book “The Pillars of the Earth” I have to say it takes my attention to discover how interesting architecture symbols can be merged with faith. For example how archs can be seen as tunnels that lead to the light of faith.

Although this church might not be seen as astonishing as an European Cathedral it has survived earthquakes and it has its history. The park  right in front of the church is a place where people can rest from a stresful day of work and get some fresh air.

I also found interesting to see a fruit cart, a cultural fact: People get hungry after mass.

How are the churchs architecture in your town?

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