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Panoramic View of Lake Atitlán

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012

Panoramic View of Lake Atitlán by Rudy Girón

We’re so lucky in Guatemala to have Lake Atitlán a short trip distance from most places. What better way to enjoy Earth Day than with one of the most of beautiful and breath-taking destinations that Earth has to offer. Also, Lake Atitlán would be a great place to be for the End of the World as we know it later this year on December 21 as suggested by NYChapin recently in AntiguaDailyPhoto.

The song below could be the soundtrack for the end of the world and a very good representation of the fusion that happens in Guatemala or Guatemaya every day: take cumbia, reggae, son, with lyrics in Maya, Spanish and English play it at the rhythm of the Garifuna of Guatemala and you get a piece that is very difficult to classify; in other words, Guatemala pura. Enjoy!

All the way from Guatemaya, 13 energies 20 nahuals, Babylon is ending, Babylon is falling, Babylon is dying… 13 moons has began…