Hip Hop Draws Youth Away from Violence in Guatemala

Hip Hop Draws Youth Away from Violence in Guatemala by Leonel -Nelo- Mijangos

In Guatemala hip hop is not just a dance or lifestyle; hip hop is a way out; a way out of gangs and violence, a way out of red zones and dangerous neighborhoods.

A quick Google search about hip hop in Guatemala took me to the website GuatemalaHipHop.com from where I grabbed the song above. Also, in the results I found this interesting article about Trasciende, an organization who teaches youth about hip hop and promotes peace, love, unity and enjoyment. Below you can find a fragment of the article and an overview video clip about Trasciende and hip hop in Guatemala.

… In the context of this reality one would not expect the youth to organize nonviolent actions, workshops or, as we shall see, an academy that teaches the principles of nonviolence. Yet, if we were to take a stroll down Calle 12 and 6ta Avenida, of Zone 1 in Guatemala City, we would find a group of mostly young men who celebrate the spirit of nonviolence every day.

Trasciende, an organization founded in 2009 by a group of five B-boys (break dancers), is a hip-hop academy that offers art workshops as a means to draw the youth away from violence and into a peaceful environment. Mr. Fer, the head of the academy, meets regularly with those who attend the workshops to discuss the four values Trasciende promotes—Peace, Love, Unity and Enjoyment… continue reading the entire article at Waging Nonviolence.

photo by Leonel [Nelo] Mijangos.

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  • Cristina

    Any kind of manifestation that stears youth away from violence is worthy!  Dance, music, painting, sports:  all good ways to interest kids in making a better life for themselves and their community.

    • Ditto Cristina.