Once upon a time there were a variety of prosperous small businesses all over the City. Globalization and malls makes now harder for them to grow or even to continue. However La Juguetería (Toy store) is an old company that remains after so many time.

Do you remember some local stores you visited when you were a child?

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  • NYChapin

    Yes…  Calcetines Flamingo “De lunes a domingo, todos usamos calcetas y calcetines Flamingo” 
    The glass display cases (or mostradores) are part of the childhood memories tattoed on my brain and heart. The neatly arranged rows of colorful calcetines and other fine products. Sadly, I just learned that it burned down this past december. The news articles mention the loss of property, but not the special memories that the store housed for different generations of capitalinos.

  • Cristina

    As a little girl in Xela, I only knew about La Juguetería from some wealthy friends who had the privilege of going there to pick out a special Christmas gift. 

  • Centinelacanche

    I remember going to “helados Kandy” with my parents…also a small coffee shop in z. 1 called Martita, where mom used to buy us the most delicious sandwiches and pastries…yum! I’m hungry now! So many things have changed now but no one can take away our good childhood memories!