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Cruz de Ocote

Sunday, June 3rd, 2012

This is interesting, is part of our culture, but, one thing at a time:  In Guatemala and several Latin American countries, we call the wood you see in the picture Ocote, basically pine, used in homes to start some sort of fire… for cooking.

So, why is shaped like a cross?

If you feel someone pushes you down while you sleep. People walking by your house, even when you know is empty and you’re the only one in it. Whisper in your ear.  Someone or something sits on your bed and the room is empty.   I would love to know the exact origin of the belief, Santeria, Christianity, because it’s used even in the most Christian homes.

The goal, you guessed it: drive away evil spirits.

Finally, you know I always like to share art with all of you, I leave you with a quote and a song that I was able to remember while writing this post, the quote from one of my favorite movies:

Ghosts. Catholics believe in ghosts.
– Alice [1990]

También, podría tratarse de magia chamán 😉