Lake Atitlán Sunset


This day I stayed watching this beautiful sunset until there was no drop of sun is wonderful to feel the wind, hear the birds and the silence that tells you many things in his ear.

Photo by José Moreno

© 2012, José Moreno. All rights reserved.

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  • Wendy Robinson

    Beautiful! Thank you.

    • Jose

      Thank you!

  • NYChapin

    Fantastic shot…. yes, the wind has spoken to me at the lake. Sometimes with the voice of my abuelo.

    • Jose

      They have come to know this beautiful lake is magical…

  • Myrna

    Linda foto! Quiero la postal ^_^

  • Congratulations José!!! Excellent shot, it’s one of my favorite lakes!!! 🙂

  • José, ahora por tu culpa tengo ganas de ir al Lago de Atitlán lo más pronto posible. Excelente aporte y gracias por compartir.