Torn Society

How to restore a society that is not willing to be restored?

Women are still a focal point of violence in Guatemala. The news warned about a rapist criminal band and the State in charge of giving citizens security advised women not to go out late at night. We need respect, respect to art, respect to women, respect to humankind.

© 2012, Myrna Hernandez. All rights reserved.

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  • Begonia

    When I saw the mini-version of this photo on my facebook feed I assumed this was a big mural painted to look like a torn version of one of dark blue tipica faldas, kind of like in this picture:

    Trick of the eye, I guess.

    • Hi Begonia, these are large mural art photographs which are being pasted on large empty walls of the Centro Histórico. Perhaps Myrna can show us more mural photographs soon before they are all torn.

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