Smartphones in Guatemala City

The use of smartphones is increasing, people want to capture their favorite moments and share them. In early 2000, Guatemala has about 50 phones per 100 citizens. We could easily assume that this number has duplicate, at least, that was the case a couple of years ago.  In the country we have more cell phones than people.

How did that happen?

Well, having a cell phone is really cheap:  starting from Q.100.00 (about US$ 13.00) you can have a new one.  But it is also difficult to have a mobile phone in Guatemala, thousands of burglaries are reported annually and the number of deaths because of assaults, it is also alarming.

We currently have proposed legislation that seek to regulate the purchase and sale of phones to control crime, the law, is causing a lot of controversy because it suggests a series of measures that have not worked in other countries.

In the meantime, tap that button and upload the concert, girl! 🙂

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  • A próposito del tema del robo de teléfonos, justo ayer leía en Prensa Libre que “al menos cada hora se roban en el país casi 13 aparatos móviles” (en la nota completa dicen 12, pero igual ambos números son desagradables).