Dancing marimba ¡Riquísimo!

Imagine you’re walking in a regular dull mall, the same brands, you’re window shopping when suddenly you see it, right there:  laughs! dancing! Marimba time! in the middle of all advertising and window displays as if defying all odds, Guatemalans will always find a way to have fun.  Next time I go I will be dancing not carrying a camera. 😉

© 2012, Myrna Hernandez. All rights reserved.

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  • Flashmob a la tortrix? 😀

    • Flashmob a la tortrix! what a great title for this picture!

  • Cool, what mall was this Myrna?

    • Paseo San Rafael, Km. 7.5 Ruta al Atlántico. It was very cool to discover it! 🙂