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Galeria Urbana

Thursday, July 5th, 2012

Street Gallery Project (Galería Urbana)

This project intends to bring art closer to everyone so it would be part of a daily life and not locked away in galleries, museums or art rooms. They think it should be part of people’s awareness by the use of squalid walls as a frame, a way to express to the world so anyone who wants to, can see it. Their goal is to make this City a Urban Gallery.

However I have to report although a lot of people were willing to appreciated it, others did not so at all. In fact there was an enterprise who took away one of the street wall mural because they thought it was an improper image despite all the efforts to tried to make them see reason.  On the other hand I caught a boy destroying a wall mural with no awareness of what he was destroying.

At last, the only one that remained intact was the one none could reach.

Do you think we are not ready to appreciate street art?