The Spain Cultural Center in Guatemala City Has New Facilities

This was the place where you wanted to be in Guatemala City if you were looking for the best quality movies, reading groups, workshops, courses and many other forms of artistic expression really.  (Vía 5, 1-23 zona 4 – 4º Norte) Now, The  Spain Cultural Center, move its operations to zona 1;  if you followed Guatemala Daily Photo, you know that’s the place where all the action is nowadays.

You already know about the new facilities.  In the old days, the Lux Theatre, used to be the place for this kind of activities, as far as I know.  Zona 4, meanwhile, slowly dies, and I think that with the closing of the cultural center, there’s not much to do in that area.

Stay tuned because we will be attending faithfully to the renovated, Lux Theater.

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