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Freelancing Diaries: Quality of Life

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

This is exactly what you’re doing: Improving your quality of life.  Right now, in the table in front of me, some young people made this comment about daily work:  “Nobody is thanking you for the work that you do anyway”  Thats how many people think about their professional development in our country.  Maybe its true, but you shouldn’t be stuck in that state of mind; the opposite is true:  being a freelance, gives you the chance to choose with whom you want to work and I can’t even tell you how many great people you’ll meet.

In fact, you’d be surprised to know that many entrepreneurs and small business are interested in working with independent people.  I guess is a plus and you can see the point.  In Guatemala nobody is talking about improving life quality, the discussion focuses on how to perpetuate the system.

After having a workday of six hours or less, you’re entitled to attend some first-class movie projection or read an e-book on a Tuesday afternoon, as in the picture.  You deserve it.  And thats exactly what I’m planning to do 🙂