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Meet me at Esperanto Bar in Zona Viva

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

There’s somethin’ different about Esperanto, a well-known bar located in in the Zona Viva of Zona 10 in Guatemala City. Pancho, the owner (left), told us he enjoys the rush and the opportunity to meet people and make them feel comfortable. He has had this landmark venue for over 10 years now, proudly 100% chapin. A lot of interesting people go there: writers, poets, skaters, artists, et al. Good music, good bar, the perfect place to chill out with friends or to meet new people. On the right you can see @esaBocaReloaded and a member of Dr. Tripass  band, Zike.

So, when are we meeting in person at Esperanto Bar? Let’s do a MeetUp there!