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Bar Central

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

This place is a whole different experience, not a regular bar but a place with a creative feeling around it. There are several varied activities from live music, poetry, to El bosón de Higgs visita el Bar Central.
One of the activities that I find particulary interesting is miércoles Ipodero. We owed this fresh breeze of new things in Guatemala to Chejo and Ale,  two young entrepreneurs that take this place into another level (not to mention the artists, writers, poets and other interesting people you meet there).  If you have ever heard of #MiercolesdeCumbia let me tell you it was there that the first Cumbia party idea was borned and I still remember the first cumbia parties there. Eventually because it was too crowded it had to be moved to a bigger place.
My favorite is @cantinerogt : “Hoy es viernes y @elcantinerogt tiene todas las ganas de aliviarles las penas y la sed, claro en #BarCentral”  follow him on twitter if you want to know what’s new in Bar Central. Suddenly I’m craving pizza and a beer 🙂
Have you ever visited this place or attend one of its activities? Tell us!