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Guatemala what a week!

Sunday, August 19th, 2012

Guatemala has lived a lot of important events this week. The famous one was Erick Barrondo celebration.
Although most of us don’t know anything about race walk we were all very happy to see a Guatemalan won a silver-medal in the Olympics in London 2012. Companies and government supported Erick Barrondo after he won the medal but it is a fact that  Ministry of Culture and Sports manages a very small budget.  However for Guatemalans it was a symbol of hope and triumph, as people say, good news for this country full of bad news.

On August 15th we had Virgen de La Asunción Holiday in Guatemala City with the traditional feria, food, and Serenade in the Cathedral

Another event was Festival of Centro Histórico from August 9th to August 19th we were able to attend different concerts, workshops, exhibitions, museums, etc. All part of the efforts to recover Central Histórico values. Now it is easier with the 6 Avenida being always crowded and new places to hang out it is easier to gather people from all places to be in Zone 1 and appreciate all the good things that are happening there.

I’ll keep you posted!