How close are you from your dream?

A cello in the street is a dream you can’t wait for.

On August 18,  we had the opportunity to live a beautiful Cello Concert experience. Eight cellists made the place resound. It started with a Sebastian Bach composition and ended with Guatemalan compositions by Ricardo Castillo and Paulo Alvarado.  The place was full and we enjoyed not only the songs but the way the masters Mr. Vinicio Quezada and Paulo Alvarado explained  each song in a dynamic way, and you could look in their eyes the passion of doing what they love. We heard difficult plays and a great variety of compositions. We could’ve stayed all night listening to them. Paulo Alvarado urged young composers to create new music, I think they’re already doing it, what do you think? 

I think if you find passion in something you must commit with it, and if you haven’t found one yet, maybe it’s closer than you think.

here a song called Cancion de Cuna from the master Ricardo Castillo.

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  • Amatir

    los sueños se alcanzan a medida q vamos creciendo!! ojalá no hubiera nadie en esa foto, solo el chelo!!

    • Gracias Amatir por tu comentario! Escogí ésta porque me gusta la sensación que deja ese pasar/caminar/dejar atrás algo que quizá no hemos percibido. El extrañamiento de un objeto (no todos los días se ven chelos en la calle).

  • NYChapin

    I agree with you.. there has been lots of new and creative music coming out of Guate. It seems to me that every year there is a new band with a different sound, specially in heavy Metal ( I just found out about E.X.T.I.N.C.I.O.N, are they still around?)

  • me gusta como suena el cello, alguna vez ire a algun concierto 🙂