So, you want to live differently…

You know, I do my homework and ask a lot. People tell me that construction materials such as wood or brick are expensive. It is cheaper to build traditional concrete homes in Guatemala City 🙁 Not to mention the maintenance, every few years you have to replace things. That might not happen with concrete.

But there are many positive things. The light and the atmosphere generated is different and positive. Inspires and keeps you alert and suddenly many possibilities open up.  Weird but true.

What do you think?

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  • Duffboy

    Really enjoy this photo`s light and composition. Wood also requires a lot of maintenance, right? I mean, from water damage, termites and damages to the barnish.

    • Right, that’s why wood constructions becomes expensive in Guatemala City. I’m glad you liked the picture. Perhaps I can show you more of this home on another occasion 🙂

  • norm

    In a place that shakes a bit now and then, wood is better for the parts that might fall on your head. I think using both, cement and stone for the lower walls, wood for the trusses and roof sheeting support on top.