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No tenés cola de iguana

Sunday, September 23rd, 2012

Walter walks every early morning but Sundays with their 3 goats throughout the streets of Guatemala City. The one you see in the front is called La Canche, behind her is Kimberly and the other one who  was too shy to pose is called Alba Azucena.  When asked Walter who buys their milk he said: “Everyone does, I have my particular clients that goes from clerks to executives, everybody likes goat milk”.While walking to the corner he advised me to take care in the streets because of so much robbery and told me what his grandfather said: “remember we are not the tail of an iguana” (Recordá que no sos cola de iguana) Meaning we must appreciate life and watch out so we keep alive.

Have you ever drunk goat milk?

This was my first time and I wouldn’t have tried it if it weren’t for this post. I loved it! I guess I’m gonna drink it more often 🙂