Children’s Day

In Guatemala we celebrate Children’s Day on the 1st October.  I’ve never understood why we have to have a day to celebrate something we should be aware of everyday. It is important to respect rights of children. They are vulnerable because they learn from their parents and the society they live in. What should we do when parents are not a good examples?

I had to stop the car and share with you this photograph. What do you think?

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  • It’s an incredible sight, yet I have seen it quite often around Antigua Guatemala. I wonder what good is the helmet when holding in the hand?

  • canche

    Hi! This is a common “scene” in our country (and I bet in others, too). Even though I completely disagree with kids being exposed to any kind of danger, I also see the need of some families to seek alternative ways of commuting. Guatemala’s public transportation is not efficient and is SO dangerous that many people are “kind of sort of” forced to figure out other ways of getting to their destinations. By the way, I also think it’s dumb to ride a motorcycle with a helmet in your hand!