The President of Guatemala, Otto Pérez Molina in the Summit of the Americas said:

“Diálogo fue la palabra que salvó a Centro América de conflictos internos y guerras civiles hace dos décadas. Gracias al diálogo descubrimos que podíamos comer a una misma mesa, e incluso de un mismo plato, sin matarnos, sin agredirnos, sin hacernos daño entre hermanos. Yo fui un soldado entrenado para ganar batallas, pero la batalla más importante que he ganado en mi vida fue la batalla por la paz en mi país, Guatemala.”

“Dialogue saved Central America from internal conflicts and civil war two decades ago. Through dialogue we discovered  we could eat at the same table, and even from the same plate without killing or attacking us, withouth hurting each other. I was a soldier trained to win battles, but the most important battle I have won in my life was the battle for peace in my country, Guatemala.”

Yesterday  indigenous communities from Totonicapán blocked the road to protest the rising price of electricity and discuss their objections to education reforms in a peaceful way but military forces violently tried to removed them causing a chaos that left people killed and injured. I can’t help but wonder where is the dialogue there?   -Myrna Hernández

Photograph taken in Huehuetango by Sophia Piral.

© 2012, Myrna Hernandez. All rights reserved.

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  • NYChapin

    now that is what I call a confident man ! I used to have a pair of similar pants back in the day.
    In Guate the dialogue has consisted in those in power telling the rest ” callate y escucha, yo se lo que es mejor” or “shut up and listen, I know what is best”.