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Freelance Diaries: What I’ve learned

Monday, January 14th, 2013

Se necesita... por Hugo Muralles

After several months of started this series, some interesting things have happened:  You have to work harder than ever, you are your own limit.  That doesn’t mean overwork, It means you have the control.

Moving around Guatemala City is the biggest problem, connectivity (I work online) and banks, in that order.  Moving around the city is perhaps the most difficult thing.  Public transport? forget it.  (If you want to make sure you’re safe at your destination)

The majority of times, banks are such a pain.  There’s no intention to resolve your problems and thats important when you are independent.  I need results, I need to know now, not in the next forty eight hours.

Internet providers; God why.  Same attitude that local banks.

Everything seems to be made for large companies, and large groups of people that would do the exact same thing everyday.
The great thing about it: Everyday learning and challenges. It’s not for everybody, at all, and that’s for sure.

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