2 Wheel Chronicle: The adventure begins

2 Wheel Chronicle by Hugo Muralles

It seems to me that Guatemala Daily Photo has become this fabulous place to share good news. That’s how I feel for a while now. Today is no exception.  David, a successful entrepreneur, whom you can see in the picture, begins a fabulous adventure this week.

He’s going from Guatemala to Rio de Janeiro riding his motorcycle, which he has baptized: Tigger.  I’ve been witness all the preparation and logistics for this great trip, although he says this is not by any means the trip of his lifetime, but certainly a very exciting one.

At this point, David says it’s more anxious than anything; also, he’s concerned about the lack of security in Guatemala.  The trip contemplates central and south america.  He’s expecting a three month journey, which will be documented on his blog, 2 Wheel Chronicle, and the facebook page.

Don’t forget to follow his adventure, 2 Wheel Chronicle!

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